New Line had KNB FX do the mask and effects for the film.  According to Schow, the mask took a long time to get approved for the final look and the producers kept sending versions back until they could all agree on what we see in the film.  It is believed that 5 total masks were made for the film, however that has never been confirmed.  The most recent stunt mask to come out of hiding is in the best shape, and was won in 1989 by a fan in a Fangoria giveaway.  It was the best and most preserved mask of all 4 that have been accounted for and the owner made a cast of the original mask.  He made a total of 20 masks from the cast, and they called the TCM3 Stunt.  These are high quality Silicone masks, painted to match the hero mask and stitched to match as well. 

 A couple years ago, one of the highest detailed was discovered, however it sat for years folded up and was in terrible shape.  The owner of the mask had it restored as much as they could to try and save it.  Below are pictures of the hero mask through its different stages of restoration.  It is unknown if it was indeed used on screen, if it is the hero mask, or a stunt mask.  Hopefully one day we can find out!

TCM3 Stunt 

Mask maker James Woodley cast his original stunt mask to create what we call the TCM3 Stunt.  It is made from high quality Platinum Silicone, painted with silicone paints, and stitched and painted to match the hero mask as closely as possible.  These were a limited run of 20, and sold out very fast.  They included a numbered mask stand, a Certificate of Authenticity, and mounted to a foam head form.   

As stated above there were a total of 3 stunt masks made for the film.  These masks were given to Fangoria Magazine after filming was completed, and were used as giveaway prizes.  Below are pictures of the stunt masks.