I build both the Excalibur Chainsaw and Skin and Bone chainsaws based off of both saws used in the 1990 film, Leatherface : Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.  

High attention to detail, along with information from the original saw builders makes my saws the closest thing you can have to the originals.  Every Excalibur comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and each are numbered and built to order.

Replica Chainsaws

What We Offer

Saw Examples

We specialize in Excalibur Replica Chainsaws based off the exact specs as was used in the film.

Custom from head to toe, these saws are dripping with chrome and brass. Our Excalibur saws feature hand engraved custom made aluminum bars.

Our Skin and Bone saws come with real deer skin, real coyote bones, leather and completed with that back woods paintjob.